Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Hi there! Again, I've taken a lot longer to come back than I thought I would, but something pretty major happened a few weeks ago - something major, and to something I really, really love. Thankfully it was to a "something" and not "someone" (and majorly thankful my dog was not in that category, either) but nevertheless it was poopy all the same. I'll be writing about that in a few weeks time. Cheers :)

I don’t eat candy.

I’ve never really liked the stuff, at least not since the age of 10. The novelty of Halloween only took me so far, I suppose. I don’t even have a yen for sugary products, and can’t stomach anything too sickeningly sweet. I love to bake, but that’s mostly for holidays and special occasions. And, I rarely dig into the finished product because by then, I’ve had my fill of staring at it.

I don’t eat chips or other junk foods, not all that much. A handful of times per year, tops. I never drink soda, except ginger ale when I’m sick. I almost never eat takeout food, and no delivery man knows me by name. I can’t stand breaded foods, and ixnay on anything deep fried.

I’m not a chocoholic, though I do indulge in a good dark when my hormones dictate it. I don’t drink all that much, either. Sandy and I share maybe two bottles of wine per month. I do love coffee, but never more than five cups per week, or even more than one cup per day, except maybe sometimes on weekends. Coffee is more of a fall and winter thing, too; come spring and summer, my consumption of the stuff wanes down to almost nothing. Hot beverages and hot days rarely coincide on my planet, and truth be told, I really don’t like flavoured, iced or whip cream topped caffeine.

When I have parties I don’t spend a mint on ready-made, assembly line foods, I make everything myself, with fresh ingredients, from scratch. For the most part I hate canned food, mixes, overly processed crap, and the chemically-laden. When I do have any of these things I read the labels like a hawk, making sure the nutritional values are acceptable, and the ingredients are all natural.
Good yes, trans fats no. I try as hard as the next girl to put only the best things in my body.

This isn’t how I function when I’m being saintly or super careful; these aren’t my food-fascist ways at their peak. This isn’t me tiptoeing through the aisles of the grocery store, avoiding tasty, fatty products in fear of gaining an ounce. Very truthfully this is my everyday, how I choose and make the foods I eat. This is just me.

So all that said, why the hell am I still fat?


Mrs. Loquacious said...

Wow...you're way more clean-eating than most people I know! Could it be a quantity thing? Or maybe something metabolic (are you getting enough calories, and burning them rather than storing)?

The body is a fickle machine sometimes, and even when we know the purported "formula" for losing weight there seems to be no guarantee.

I wish I could kill my sweet tooth though, or give up fried stuff entirely, but that's just like asking me to sacrifice an eyeball or my left hand. :(

Anonymous said...

I know my problem is portion-size and lack of exercise. I eat salads for lunch more days than not, drink tons of water (haven't had sodas in months) and don't really eat a lot of candy. But I eat until I'm full rather than just sated. And I still only eat 3 times a day, verse 6 small meals a day because I don't have alot of time. I have a long way to go, but I'm sure I'll get there eventually.